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hey i would like to tell you right now that the law is over rated and i am only adding this crash course to satissfy the government who just happen to be power hungry freaks any who lets get started shall we? The first thing you need to know is that Never argue with the judge! That is very important. Arguing with the judge is like telling what ever divine being you worship to screw himself because hes ugly. Thats Not Smart! Also im telling you that what you see on Television about Law and what not, about 35 percent of that is NOT the way a court martial or any other lawfull activity really works. Its annoying the disregard for the rules and the laziness that allows the people on TV to learn there questions and that such in little time even while still hunting down the "criminal." In part Two of this section me, my friend and our angry little butts will attempt to teach morons how a tid bit of the law works. Im not asking you to deal with my b!tch!ng. Im only asking you to learn more about the law so that you can respect more of the United States Law System. This is a time taking experience so either book mark this page, momorize how you got here, or never come back, personaly i couldnt care less. BY THE WAY IM AN IMATURE FREAK AN' I KNOW IT AND DONT GO TELLIN ME IT 'CUZ I REALLY DONT GIVE A RIP WHAT YOU THINK UNLESS I MISS SOMETHING AND YOU REALLY WANNA TELL ME OFF FOR IT. THEN ILL JUST GO A B!TCH!IN RIGHT BACK. BY THE WAY TIVO BOXES ARE OVER RATED. DONT GET ONE! To further show my immiturity and give you a little send off into another part (part II which will be later added) i leave you with this!

Part II
Shut up and read it

Before we begin I would like to recomend joining a Mock Trial program for a more indepth lessons. If you have any questions use the contact page to email or send a comment.

First off How to behave in a court room The first most important thing you need to know is you never do anything to make the opposing council look bad(insulting them) unless it is slamming them into the ground via opening/closing/cross examintation/direct examinations, wich we'll learn more about later. Also as I said before Never argue with the judge. This is very important seeing as the judge is making every decission in a civil case, and the majority of the desissions in a criminal case so its very important not to argue or insult the judge. Think of him as a type of "god" that will strike you down if you defy/addmonish him/her. Even though we all know that would be pretty cool, and it would be fun to send some innocent guy off to jail because the judge was being an @$$ so you just had to get back at him, you won't make any money. And money buys food, and normaly we need food to live. Anyway always do as the judg says, that way the judge thinks he can control you(wich he should be able to do) there for might like you more. The more the judge likes you the more dominance you have over a party that isnt as good on the judge. Also important, a poker face, always be annonoumous. Never let them know what your thinking. And pay attention to what the other team does, if they are "behaving poorly" then feel free to take it a little light before you slam them. Be sure to make sure to be smooth! That has really got me before and wich was pretty bad seeing as how we still "won" the case. Just because our had better evidence doesnt mean we actually "won" remember this, in a civil case the prosecution, in court refered to as the plantiff and always as the plaintiff, must prove by a proponderance of evidence, more then 50% evedence for them, that the defense, refered to as the defence, has failed to fullfil a duty. So pretty much a civil case is a party suing another party. Not the government trying to put someone in jail as in a criminal case.

And so now I leave you intill part 3 comes your way! See Ya!

Look forward to the next part being on a different page!

No I not have multiple personalities, at least i mean i dont think i do, even though i dont remember writting any of the above script... hmm.

Yes I am also the owner of CanadianKooks the Ultimate freak business for you. Also the angriest, but hay its not my fault that when i was borne the doctor was drunk and in his drunken state and shove a pickle, unremovobly up a very important quarters that if plugged causes suvere constipation and pain. Anywho we also do excorisms if you need one. Though im not promising that youll survive as some of our techniques include pumeling the plauged with multiple blessed bullets. And we charge nearly $100 a shot untill they are free.

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